Bethania Cemetery

Pre-Need Packages

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Experience has shown that those who have planned in advance are comforted in the knowledge that personal wishes are being fulfilled and that unnecessary financial and emotional difficulties will be avoided.

125 YEAR CROSS LOGO.jpgBecause of the many questions and uncertainties which families often face with when a loved one passes away or when choosing a pre-need burial plot, Bethania Cemetery offers it’s complete PIC (Preparing Is Caring) program.


Rather than having several individual costly expenses, often purchased at a stressful time, families can conveniently arrange for their entire Cemetery needs under one plan, receiving a discounted price, and saving hundreds of dollars.

When choosing a complete pre-need PIC program all of the following can be taken care with low monthly payments and no interest charges:


  • Burial space
  • Interment fee
  • Burial Vault
  • Vault handling fee
  • Granite monument or flush marker (headstone)

Discounts are also available for at-need PIC packages.

An alternative PIC program is also available to those families or individuals that have already purchased their burial plot.

The intent of the PIC program is to allow you to combine your entire cemetery needs into one affordable package, thus avoiding costly individual (and in some cases, unnecessary) expenses. No future stressful, financial or emotional decisions will have to be made.

Please remember: Preparing Is Caring (PIC)