Bethania Cemetery

Grave Decoration Program

During the early Spring & Fall of each year we send out a mailer that
allows our families to order a grave decoration (flowers, wreaths, etc.) for
placement on their loved one's plot. Our personnel will place each decoration
accordingly and remove them at the appropriate time. Our decorations are specially
made to withstand all weather and conditions that exist out on the cemetery

These artificial grave decorations are allowed year-round. However,
the Cemetery clears its entire grounds semi-annually. Weather and conditions
permitting, all decorations are removed and disposed of during the weeks of
March 1st and September 1st. If you wish to save your decorations please remove
them prior to these two periods. Please do not place any decorations during
these two time periods.

We encourage the placement of decorations.  We will be as careful as possible with our normal interment and maintenance activities.  We regret that we cannot guarantee that all decorations will be free from damage or loss, and we cannot accept responsibility for these occurrences.

The following Grave Decorations are available year-round in our Administrative Office:


A larger selection of Name Placques are displayed in the Administrative Office!


ROSE BOUQUET YEAR ROUND.jpg     Red Rose Bouquets Available Year-Round at $25.00 Ea.

HEARTS YEAR ROUND.jpg Assorted Hearts on Easles - Seasonal Selections Available Year-Round at $30.00 Ea.


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